Critter Killers 

Now that Spring has sprung, prepare ye for the onslaught of insects, critters and other pests.  Which calls to mind a recent visit to the hardware store.  For no reason in particular, I waddled down an aisle featuring products promising a virtual assault on every creeping thing in the yard. 

My favorite is the prize-winning spider killer known as Miss Mufffet’s Revenge (I’m not kidding).  This arachnid antagonist promises to kill spiders insi[...] 

Fringe Kids 

I would never have noticed the kid walking into the grocery store had he not worn that shirt.  The one with tongues of red-hot flame leaping from the hem of his waist all the way up his chest. It reminded me of a shirt I’d worn twenty years earlier.  

When our kids were in high school, I was a volunteer for our church youth group.  Somehow, our small group was composed mostly of fringe kids, teens outside the church and—quite honestly—out on the[...] 

Soul Cleaning--Part Two 

We clean the bowl…but do we clean our soul?

Last week I made the somewhat crude assessment that we give attention to dirty toilet bowls…but sometimes insufficient attention to our dirty souls. In the spirit of two-way conversation, I invited your feedback and now share some of the comments you submitted.

Edna wrote, “Tidy Bowl…Tidy Soul.  I like your thought…but I do not like cleaning bathrooms!”  Then she added, &[...] 

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