Boombox Living in a Bluetooth World 
  • 1966. Philips created the “Radiorecorder”--better known as the boombox and Holland started to dance.
  • 1975.  Boom boxes were booming in the U.S.--big time.    
  • 1980.  The first personal computer was introduced.
  • 1983.  Cassette tapes outsold vinyl records for the first time...and boomboxes were as big as suitcases.
  • 1990.  Boomboxes lost serious ground to the Sony Walkman.
  • 1993. The[...] 
Offer I Could Not Refuse 

Recently, I bought a collection of Louis L'Amour western novels on Ebay. Some of them had special book club offers tucked inside.  Reading them is a time capsule in direct marketing.

A 1971 edition of The Broken Gun pitched a Zane Grey Library—three books for one dollar (plus a few cents shipping charges). 

60th Anniversary 

Sixty years. 

That's how long my parents have now been married. 

From nearly any standpoint, that's just plain remarkable. Number 60 is called the Diamond Anniversary—that's how rare it is.

According to a U.S. Census Bureau report, only about 5% of married couples [...] 

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