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A United Front  

You couldn’t help laughing out loud at the text our daughter sent. She has four kids, ages five to thirteen. And like all children, they can get on each other’s nerves. But—the text says it best:

Just got complimented by a guy at Costco for my well-behaved children. (They were awful all morning). The guy turns and leaves, and our oldest—Joslynn—says, "we present a united front, but we have a ton of infighting."

Who said kids don’t have a good grasp on things?

Sadly, Joslynn's admission is an accurate assessment not just of the world but the Church today.

We put enormous emphasis on having a church with an engaging Bible teacher. We spend big dollars on sound, light, and projection systems. We invest massive effort in our worship teams and kids’ programs.

Despite all that, our struggle with division and disunity is not unlike Joslynn's summary: we present a united front, but we have a ton of infighting.

But what if church life was different? What if we had not just a united front—but true unity? What if we modeled for the world what it means to face disagreements—yet still love each other?

In a culture of angst and anger, of snarky social posts and virtue signaling, I suspect people would come crawling out of the woodwork full of curiosity. Seeing the real Jesus—even in sinners like us—has a way of drawing people to Christ.

Lord, deliver us—from us.

Deliver us from our worship of self rather than the Savior.

Bring us genuine unity—the kind that comes only from fixing our eyes on Jesus.


“Make my joy complete by being of the same mind, maintaining the same love, united in spirit, intent on one purpose.”  -Philippians 2:2







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