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The Most Disappointing Day?  

With Christmas now past, allow me to play Scrooge for a moment as I suggest that for many, December the 25th might just be one of the most disappointing days of the year.
“Heresy!” you say.
“Blasphemous!” you cry.
                                                ...But hear me out...
Like you, I love the time off from work at Christmas...the gathering together of family and friends.  Truth is, I actually enjoy wrapping Christmas presents.  And I absolutely love the MUSIC of Christmas.
So...please hear me loud and clear—that I personally love Christmas.
Yet I cannot escape the sense that for millions and millions of people, Christmas is—in the end---a huge disappointment.
Think of it.
For months and months, little kids  have been exposed to thousands of messages on TV that assure them, if they just have this or that cool toy....life will be completely awesome.
For months and months, somewhat older kids have been told, if they just own this hot phone...or nifty tablet...or cool clothing...life will be completely awesome.
For months and months, adults have been told, if they just give (or get) a new Audi with a huge red bow on the roof...life will be completely awesome.
Then comes Christmas day.  The packages are unwrapped, the paper is shredded and the hoopla reaches a wild fever pitch.
By afternoon, reality has settled in.  The toy helicopter isn't quite as great as advertised.
The new tablet is kinda cool....but the screen isn't quite as sharp as you'd hoped  And that new Audi is great but....somehow it didn't revolutionize life the way it was supposed to. 
Life is never completely awesome merely because we possess something—however totally cool and shiny that thing may be.
While I love to give—and receive gifts—there is only ONE gift that is completely awesome.
Only one gift that simply never disappoints.  Only one gift that never rusts or wears out.   That gift is Jesus.  God...in the flesh.  God...with us.  Immanuel!


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