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Only for a Time  

An unsettling notion has lately come over me with regard to marriage.

Understand I am grateful for Diana, my wife of 30 years, and the person she is—and is becoming.  She is a guiding influence on most everything I touch—from the way I dress to the way I write...to the way I am learning to clean house.  Or sit on the couch and just talk.

The unsettling notion I speak of has very little to do with her...but very much to do with me.   And quite possibly you.

Why all the sober talk at Valentine's?

It’ a growing hunch that goes like this:

Precept #1The Bible clearly teaches principals of stewardship.  Ultimately, you and I are not “owners” of anything.  We are just tenants—for a time.  We are caretakers.

Precept #2 The Bible clearly teaches we will stand before Almighty God to give him an accounting for “what we did in the body whether good or evil.”   When we do this, we will stand alone.  My wife will not be with me.    But...

Unsettling notion of the day:  How I TREATED my wife will very much be a subject of examination.    This is what I find so sobering.

When the Creator presented me with my wife, she was optimistic about living life with a man who would love her and care for her, putting her interests above his own, willing to sacrifice anything for her comfort.  Most of all, she had the thoroughly biblical hope that I would model Christ for her.

Is that the kind of life I have lead?  Am now leading?  Does this kind of care describe my caretaking?

Or is it something less?  (Maybe far less—as is the case with me sometimes). 

Because our spouses are only ''on loan” to us...the question must be asked, “When the Father says ‘”Time is up”...are you going to return your spouse better...or bitter for the years you've been together?  More like Christ?  Or more disenchanted?

Your wife--she’s only “on loan” to you.

Your husband--he’s only “on loan” to you. It’s only for a time.   And then the accounting.


I suppose we all ought to find that unsettling.  Unsettling enough that we recommit to "be kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God--for Christ's sake--has forgiven you."


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