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Open Door Adventures  

He said, “Ask God to open doors for you to walk through with your unsaved loved ones.”

Dr. Jim Coakley had no idea of the adventure his wise counsel was about to help unleash.

For years, now, we have been praying for a small list of people who need to come to Christ: neighbors, friends, relatives.  My commitment is to keep praying for these lost people until I die--or they die.   No kidding.  But since we started praying the prayer Jim recommended—that God would open up doors of opportunity--life has revved into high gear.

Example A

For years, we have prayed for Sam, a great guy, a helpful neighbor who happens to be gay.  Though we've spent time together socially, we had always wanted to have Sam over at our house for dinner.  But it never happened—until.... 

My wife had made a beautiful pot roast with potatoes and carrots....fresh rolls.  As we looked out the window and noticed our neighbor, Sam, my wife suggested, “Ask him to come in.”  So I did.  That's when we offered him dinner...which he sat down to and ate hungrily. Sam stayed a long time, too. He agreed with us that coming over again would be a good idea. 

Example B

Though we've been friends at the surface level for years, we've never gone out to dinner with a couple I'll call Pete and Jackie.  Sensing what I thought  might be a Holy Spirit nudge, I simply asked this couple if we could treat them to dinner out.  Pete and Jackie accepted.  And despite the enormous differences between us (they are people of wealth and community standing) we had a spectacular time together.  And here's the kicker—THEY asked if we could do this again!

I still believe in the practice of daily prayer for these lost souls.  But I have to say, life has turned more adventurous since we started asking God to open doors of opportunity.  

Funny thing about doors, though. You and I have to knock first.  Only then does God seem to do the opening.

Praying for some lost people in your life?   I dare you—ask God to open some doors.  Then get ready for the adventure! 


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