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What you did was wrong...  

If someone were to ask you, “What’s a life lesson you will remember to the day you die?” what would that be for you?

I asked that question of singer and songwriter Michael Card.  His response is a story you need to hear.  Allow me to quote him from the book, If I Could Do It All Over Again.

When I was a kid, I often sat in church next to an old man named Basil Edwards. I remember that when I was seven years old, I got into trouble and was crying. Basil got on his knees, face-to-face with me. He said, “Mike, I want you to know you’re wrong. What you did was wrong. But I want you to know I’m on your side, right or wrong. In fact, especially when you’re wrong, I want to be on your side.”

I think what I will take to my grave is that was the first time I ever really understood the gospel. Because while we were sinners, Jesus said, “I’m going be on your side.” Before there is any hope or indication we will repent and come to Him, Jesus still stoops and, essentially, gets face-to-face with us and says, “You’re wrong, but I’m going be on your side.”

Many years later I had a son who had been arrested a couple of times for smoking pot. Every time I’d go to court with him, I would say, “What you did was wrong, but I want you to know I’m here because I’m on your side. Right or wrong, I choose to be on your side. You need to know that.”

Later, after he turned his life around, my son called me and said, “That was the gospel, Dad, wasn’t it?” I said, “Yep. Absolutely.”

I’d love to know what your biggest life lesson is.  Why not share it when you email me at jon@jongauger.com. Maybe we'll share your story—and the stories of other blog readers—in a future Thursday Thought. Thanks!


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