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Interesting Windows

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul.  If that’s true, there are some mighty interesting windows out there in God's animal kingdom.  Take, for example, the giant squid. 

Most animals’ eyes are smaller than oranges.  But—try to picture this--a giant squid's eye is larger than your head!

Goat’s eyes are not nearly as large, of course.  But they do have a unique feature.  Their pupils are rectangular shaped.  This means they can see a panoramic view of 320-340 degrees—and can almost see behind themselves. 

Seeing Behind You

Seeing a lot is one thing.  But seeing it well is another.  Consider the Mantis shrimp.  At one foot long, it is said to have better eyesight than any other animal.  Quite a claim!

But for something that comes close to a death stare, check out the Stargazer.  This interesting fish slyly buries itself in the ocean sand.  When a fish of prey swims by, the Stargazer fish shoots 50 volts of electricity from its eyes to stun the prey.  

A bit less dramatic is the common reindeer.  With the coming of winter’s longer days, the reindeer's eyes—typically a shade of gold—change to blue.  Next time you see Rudolph on the TV special, see if the animation artists were accurate.


For sheer creepiness, it's tough to be beat the vision of a scallop.  It has—get this—100 eyes around its shell.

No slouch in the creep-me-out department is the Ogre-faced spider.  It has not one pair of eyes...but four.  That's right...eight individual spider eyeballs!  That makes it the best seeing spider in the world. 

God seems to place a premium on eyesight—literal and spiritual.  Check out 2 Chronicles 16:9, “For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him....”

What does God see when He sees you?


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