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Pop Tart Christianity  

As my fingers tap the keyboard creating this blog, my mouth is munching the last of a blueberry Pop Tart. I’m no addict, but I confess to enjoying the lard-laden lusciousness of a Pop Tart. Blueberry is my flavor of choice. 

But as I hold the toaster-hot pastry in my hand, a new twist on an old favorite has caused me to do a bit of critical thinking.  When Pop Tarts first came out, they were touted as being filled with real fruit.  We were far less critical of sugar back then.  Hydrogenated oil was a familiar friend and who had even heard of Trans fats?.    So while no one would have suggested the Pop Tart was highly nutritious, it was generally deemed a worthy snack.  

Now with Sprinkles!

After a few years, Kellogg’s decided to add frosting.  Ka-BAM!  That created serious snack waves, and to this day, Pop Tarts remain Kellogg’s’ most successful brand in the United States!  Yet I couldn’t help but notice munching on mine a moment ago, that the frosting is different.  It now also features sprinkles!  Plain ol’ frosting is just WAY too boring.  Gotta kick things up a notch.   Who would possibly want a Pop Tart adorned with regular frosting?

I sometimes wonder if we’re not that way in our Christian walk—specifically our daily quiet time with God. 

Fast, Fun and Frosted

We unwrap our one-minute-with-God devotional, pop it into our souls and move on with our day.  We are unnourished, unaffected, and unconcerned. When it comes to our time with God, we like it fast, fun and frosted. 

Is it any wonder that we are largely unmoved by sin?  That we are so much like the world?  That we fail to tithe?  That we avoid sharing our faith?    That we watch R-rated films and TV shows and sense no filth?  That we are unable to make a case for biblical sexuality or the sanctity of life?

Tozer says, “God can be known satisfactorily only as we devote time to Him.”

Here’s to reaching for more than a mere Pop Tart Christianity. 


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