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What Billy Graham's Grandson Wants You to Know  

Recently, I had the honor of talking with Will Graham.  As the grandson of evangelist Billy Graham, Will carries the family name well.  Better than that, he carries the name of Jesus well.

In the course of more than three decades at Moody Radio, I’ve been blessed to meet and interview a number of Will’s family members: Anne Graham Lotz, Franklin Graham (Will’s Dad), Gigi Tchividjian, and Billy himself, whom his grandson refers to as “Daddy Bill.” 

Can I tell you a secret, something I’ve seen up close?  Apart from their love Jesus, the most important thing you need to know about the Graham family is that they are plain humble people, gracious and unassuming to a person.

They’ve been everywhere, done everything.  They have preached, published, and proclaimed the Word.  They have dined with presidents and princes.

In the course of our conversation, I thanked Will for the Graham family’s integrity over many years.  He reminded me that he is constantly aware of the potential to fall, jealous to guard the reputation of Christ. 

Will recalled traveling to Anaheim, California as a boy where his grandfather was speaking. Billy was spotted and people lined up for autographs—big time.

There were hundreds of people and the line wrapped around the entire block. “Daddy Bill patiently met with every single one of them,” Will reflected.

At one point, Will decided to walk across the street and talk to his Grandpa.  But a policeman, doing his level best to manage the crowd, kindly informed young Will he’d have to get in line.  Will remembers, “Just then Daddy Bill called out to me with his arms wide open.  ‘Will!’ I ran right over to him.”

Will now ponders that moment of so many years ago as a unique life lesson. “When you’re a grandson, you have access to your grandfather.  When you’re a child of God, you have access to your Heavenly Father.  Because we know Jesus, we have access to our Heavenly Father!”

Billy Graham is 98 and in declining health. Will told me, “Someday soon, he’ll go home to Jesus.  The world will lose ‘Evangelist Billy Graham.’  But I will lose Daddy Bill, my last living grandparent.” 

At this point, Will spoke softer, a lump clearly lodged in his throat. A slight pause followed as He found himself wiping a tear.  I found myself looking away.   Apparently, it was contagious. 


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