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Signs in Ghana  

It’s the best part of traveling in West Africa: the signs on the local shops. Please note that the term, “shop,” may be a bit generous for much of what we’ve seen in Ghana.  Some of them are little more than rickety wooden roadside stalls.  But nearly all of them sport a creative (if not pretentious) name of some kind.  And a surprising number offer a Christian witness.

Just for our Thursday Thought readers, I jotted down a collection of some of the best. For example, there’s the “Power of Prayer Fast Food Shop.”  I wondered who’s the prayer for—the customers eating the food—or the workers serving it? 

If the soles on your shoes are worn out, you might consider a visit to the “God is Great Shoemaker Repair” store. 

We passed by a number of noteworthy electrical businesses:

  • Great King’s Electrical
  • Jesus I Know Electrical
  • Thank God Electrical Works.

Another memorable sign grouping was observed in the beauty and clothing sector.  We drove past:

  • The Lord is One Beauty Salon
  • Clap for Jesus Barbering Salon
  • Finger of God Fashions

But other skilled workers also showed up in shop signs like:

  • Hand of God Metal Works
  • Joyful Aluminum Works
  • To God Be The Glory Brakes, Bands and Clutches

Some of the shop names puzzled me, such as “By God’s Grace Bar and Catering Service” (how does God’s grace intersect with a serving of whiskey?).  And I wondered what exactly is sold in the “Amazing Grace Cold Store.”   Also, what is the merchandise selection like at “The Yes of Jesus Mini Mart?”  And if they happen to run out of a particular item, do they offer a “no” at the “Yes of Jesus Mini Mart?”

The taxis in Ghana are also typically plastered with names as well.  Among some of our favorites:

  • The Lord Provides
  • God’s Way
  • Take Side with Jehovah
  • That All May Be One
  • Man No Work—Man No Eat
  • No Food for Lazy Man
  • Heaven or Hell
  • Decent (as in, “How was your ride?”  Answer: “Decent”)
  • God is King

But the award for the best sign I saw in all of Ghana has to be this:

“Please give your life to Jesus.  For He is.”

If you’ve been looking for a sign from God—this is it!

From Ghana, with love,

- Jon


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