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The Word Became Flesh  

How would you feel about leaving your family for six weeks?  There’s probably no cell phone coverage where you’d be going.  No internet either.  Those things require electricity, and there’s precious little of that where you’re headed.  That’s why you’ll be traveling with generators.

What if I told you your destination would be oppressively hot—more than 100 degrees—every day?  Travel will not just be rugged, but ridiculous.  Paved roads—not likely.  Cruising through shallow rivers and muddy creeks—a near certainty.   Did I mention that the danger doesn’t end once you arrive?  Often, that’s when it really begins.

This is the mission that workers sign up for when they join Theovision, the Ghana-based ministry whose aim is that everyone be able to hear the Bible in their own language. 

Theovision has so far recorded audio Scriptures in more than 370 languages spoken by over 75% of people in 36 African nations, reaching approximately 700 million people across Africa. But this progress comes at a price.

Many of these translations are done in hostile areas.  The recordings must sometimes be done at night and in secret.

As the Theovision team goes out with their audio equipment, they eat what the local people eat, speak as they speak, sleep as they sleep—even dress the way they dress.  All of this with the goal of making the gospel message available to people who have never heard the ultimate Good News.

To visit Theovision is to be amazed, caught up in a remarkable story-in-the-making.   But how very much like Christ Himself.

Did He not eat as we eat, live as we live and sleep as we sleep?  Did He not go to our weddings, weep at our funerals and taste the salt of our tears? All of this, so we might understand the ultimate Good news.

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us...” 

                   --John 1:14

Merry Christmas!


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