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Caleb's Considerations  

Found any spiritual messages in your food, lately?  It will come as no surprise that the web is filled with them.

There’s Jesus as supposedly seen in an orange, Jesus on a pie crust, Jesus on a piece of toast—even Jesus on a French fry. How many of the visuals are the product of skilled Photoshop-equipped imagination versus authentic edibles, I know not. But I do have a story that is verifiably true. 

Caleb is six and full of questions he asks with abandon.  When it comes to family devotions, don’t think you’re going to simply read from a Bible or book, say a prayer and call it done. Not with curious Caleb around. 

He’d recently encountered the story of Joseph and his brothers—the ones who sold him into slavery after throwing him into a pit. Here’s a snapshot from lunch the other day:

Caleb is munching away, deep in thought.  He finally speaks: “How deep was that pit they threw Joseph into?”  Now would you know the answer?  If not, would you put the effort into finding out? 

Mom immediately Googles some images of  Middle Eastern cisterns and pits from Bible times.  Showing Caleb the photos and illustrations she asks, “What made you think of that?”

“Well,” he replies, “I was sitting here eating my yogurt, and I thought, ‘this (pointing to a hole in the partially eaten snack) is kind of like a pit.’  Then that made me think of the Bible and Joseph.”

Mom comments in a text to me, “So now yogurt = Bible study.  Opportunities in everything.” 

Opportunities.  Strange how frequently they come cleverly disguised.  But wise parents will seize them—even when presented in a cup of yogurt.


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