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A Strong Tower  

I could almost feel the the tension in my arms, stringing an imaginary arrow and yanking back the bow—as we peered out the vertical slit in the wall. It was easy to “hear” in your imagination the clatter of armor and the pounding of horse hoofs ushering in enemy troops.


But archers crouching in the Chindia Tower—as many have done in the last 600 years—would have enjoyed two defining advantages.  At 89-feet tall, the tower’s elevation made a sneak attack virtually impossible.   And because its walls are so thick and the defensive openings so tiny, protection was virtually guaranteed. 


Here is a stop you must not miss when visiting Târgovişte.  It’s a Romanian city built on the bank of the Ialomiţa River.   


Suggestion: you might wish to snack on a protein bar before climbing the tower, as it features a classic spiral staircase with 122 wooden steps. While most folks will revel in the rooftop view (tough to refuse a selfie), I found myself blown away by the circular walls themselves.   They are, perhaps, two feet thick.  So thick that for an archer to have room for his bow and his body, the walls feature enormous bevels revealing the true thickness of the tower.


A placard offering a history of Chindia suggests that this was “a place for a refuge” as well as  a “guard and defense.”  It was also used as a fire spotter and a place to protect the national treasury.  What a visceral image of Proverbs 18:10:


“The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous runs into it and is safe.” 


Like the Chindia Tower, our God offers us a guard and defense—as well as a place of refuge.  A place of unfailing protection. But as massively constructed as a tower may be, we are left entirely defenseless if we refuse to enter it because we are either deceived or otherwise unaware of imposing danger.  Such careless living!


Are you “in the Tower”…or are you exposed to the enemy?   Best be sure.  I think I hear the thud of horse hoofs!



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