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Have to Make a Decision  

When a five-year-old gets saved, does she turn from a life of sin and embrace radical change?  Lucy has.

At this summer's Vacation Bible School, Lucy received Christ as her Savior.  She understood the definition of sin—and her guilt.  She understood that only by receiving Christ's offer of forgiveness purchased by His death on the cross could she become a child of God.

Lucy’s mother says there is now a marked difference in Lucy’s conduct. So much so, there is no way to account for such a radical turn-for-the-best other than this little child’s decision to receive Jesus. 

The other day, Lucy’s three-year-old sister, Sadie, happened to be nearby when an evangelistic surge came over her born again older sister. The conversation, recorded by her mother, went like this. 

Lucy was hanging up some of Sadie’s clothes, belting out the Awana theme song. Then she abruptly stopped her singing and said, “Sadie, you need to make a decision. I am telling you—sinners do NOT make it into heaven! Don’t you want to see Jesus?”

Sadie sat there pondering such biblical bombast and meekly replied, “Well, I want to see Great-Grandma “Fergeenia’” (who passed away last September).

No one was going to sidetrack Lucy.  "Sadie, it is a fact that she is there and waiting for you. But you must make a choice!"

Lucy is right, of course.  You have to make a choice. Have you?  Have you absolutely positively asked Christ to be the Leader of your life and the Forgiver of your sins?  If not, why not do so right now? 

If you have given your life to Christ, what difference is He making?  Shouldn’t there be change?  Lots of change?  And shouldn’t it be constant—ongoing—daily?

When I grow up, I want to be like Lucy: radically changed by Jesus, and radically unashamed of His gospel!


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