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Get Small  

When you’re four years old, you want to “be big.” Same thing when you’re forty. 


We want the big salary. We want the big reputation. We want the big following on social media. 


Curiously, the disciples were just like us—minus FaceBook. Proof? In Matthew 18 they asked Jesus, “Who will be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” In other words, “Who will be the big man on heaven’s campus?” Their intent was that Jesus poke a finger at one of them and declare the big winner. 


Instead, Jesus plopped a tot in their midst and said, “Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” In other words, get small.


But doesn’t this yank against every fiber of our flesh? We want to make a big splash, earn the big bucks, get a big house on a big lot, and drive a big car. We want to play in the big leagues, hunt with the big dogs, make it to the big time—or even to the big screen! We like big rings, big checks, and Big Macs. We want to score big, live big, talk big.


And in the middle of all this high and heady “big” talk, Jesus calls us to get small, to humble ourselves like a little child. 


Jesus wasn’t saying we couldn’t have big dreams. He was saying that bigness itself must always be calibrated by heaven’s standards if it is to have any eternal worth. 


Consider: there are no big shots in heaven. No big wigs. Only small people. People who have humbled themselves. Like a child. 


The world says, “Go big or go home!” Jesus says, “Get small, so you can come home.”


THAT is how you become greatest in the Kingdom of heaven. 


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Jon GaugerJon Gauger

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