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Full Screen Living  

I am jostling back and forth, riding the rails of an afternoon express out of Chicago.  Not trying to snoop, but you really can't miss the reflection in the window on my right.  It mirrors the computer screen of the passenger in front of me. 

Though the window image is blurry (dirty glass), I can't help noticing he is watching a video.  But rather than enjoy that video full-size on his 17-inch laptop screen, he has it—no pun intended—in a small window.  He's okay seeing his content at less than full-size — way less.

Lots of phone users do the same thing when they watch video clips or photos on Facebook and other apps.  Instead of flipping their phones horizontally—so the clips fill the screen—they opt for the "convenience" of holding them vertically.  But in so doing, they fail to enjoy the images full-screen, content to watch a tiny window.

We're not talking about a slight difference here, either. A horizontal image on my iPhone at full screen is almost four times larger than one seen in vertical mode (yup, I measured)!  So why do we settle for small?  It makes no sense. 

Now, some videos don't auto-rotate when you turn your phone horizontal—I get that.  But most do.   And the mobile phone industry has gone to great lengths to bring us bigger, brighter, and sharper screens.  Yet many of us are satisfied with a video the size of a glorified postage stamp.   And mind you, these same people insist on having a 48-inch or larger TV at home because...because I don't know why.

Phone screens are small enough —even when watching horizontally.  So why NOT make an effort to see everything in full screen?

The same question is fair for Christ-followers. The Bible calls us to "full-screen living."  Scripture calls us to be "more than conquerors through Christ Jesus." Our clear instructions read, "do whatever you do all to the glory of God."   Yet so many of us are satisfied with less.  Much less. 

A quick word of prayer in the morning—maybe.  A quick dose of Scripture reading—perhaps.  And on we go with our small-scale lives played out against the backdrop of a shrunken faith.  But shouldn't we want more?

Jesus said, "I came that they may have life and have it abundantly" (John 10:10).  All-out, sold-out life with Jesus and for Jesus.  That's "full screen" living. Is that what you want?


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