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Shrill--and Getting Shriller  

Shrill—and getting shriller.

Such is the state of our digital demeanor.  Have you noticed? Our public discourse is often just coarse.  If you’re a conservative, every democrat is despicable.  If you’re a liberal, conservatives are kooky. 

Those who disagree with some of the data presented by the Climate Change crowd are “science deniers.”  That’s right!  They deny 100% of everything scientific.  No middle ground—who needs it?

We have all but lost our capacity to disagree, let alone discuss much of anything with others.  Civility is dead.

In our posts, texts, and media, we celebrate the crass, specialize in the snarky, and cherish the choice to demolish.  What was once a stream of anonymous attacks from strangers in a chat room is now publicly endorsed online and on television.

We are shrill and getting shriller. Profanity—proudly used. Vulgarity—very in vogue.  

This is hardly a surprising assessment of our secular culture.  Unredeemed people will act in unredeemed ways.

But my concern is not so much for the wide wicked world out there as it is for the world inside the Church.  I'm seeing an acceleration of Christians attacking other Christians for their views on the election, climate change, and social justice. Worse, we express our opinions with the same meanness as those outside the faith.

How in the world can we call any of this Christian?  What makes us think our Savior would possibly sanction such savagery?

We are shrill and getting shriller, rather than kind and getting kinder. But please note. The song never says, “They’ll know that we are Christians by our tweets.”  It’s our love, folks.  That’s what we’re to be known for.

Shame on us!


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Jon GaugerJon Gauger

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